Online Health and Safety Training
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Online Health and Safety Training

Why you should use online health and safety Training…

There are many reasons why companies and self employed tradesmen are turning to the use of Online Health and Safety Training to help them fulfill their own and their staffs safety training needs.

The benefits of Online Health and Safety Training, when compared with traditional classroom based training include:

  • Flexible course delivery – no need to turn up to a random hotel hundreds of miles away, you can complete the training at a time and place of your choosing, all you need is a mobile device and an internet connection.
  • You can stop and start the course and complete it at your pace, not the pace set by an old fashioned trainer delivering the training course in person.
  • Its universally recognised as an acceptable means of delivering short Health and Safety Awareness Training Courses.
  • Its CHEAP!  Yes, that’s right, online health and safety training courses are a fraction of the costs of traditional classroom based courses.
  • There is no need to wait weeks for the next course, you can simply log on straight away and get on with the training course, meaning you can then also get back and continue working safely on your site.
  • Your Training Certificates are available Instantly upon the successful completion of the training course, no waiting around for days or weeks for your certificate to arrive in the post.
  • Having a trained and competent workforce reduces your risks as an employer.
  • All employers are legally required to provide relevant Health and Safety Training for their employees, online health and safety training such as that offered by Your Safety Advisor Ltd means that this can easily and quickly be put in place whenever a new employee starts with the company.
  • Quality Health and Safety Training is now no longer the preserve of large companies, even sole traders can now complete online health and safety training quickly and easily
  • Having a trained workforce improves their effectiveness during the implementation of their work.
  • Their is less risk of them suffering from an accident and having time off work.
  • Staff retention and productivity will increase and safety will improve throughout all parts of the company.
  • Using our online safety training courses means that you instantly have an audit record of the training completed by your staff.
  • Significantly reducing the risk of enforcement action being taken for not having a suitably trained workforce.

At Your Safety Advisor Ltd, we can provide you with a wide range of interactive,online safety training courses, which provide an engaging and highly effective way of training through a combination of live action video, text, voice over and interactive tests.

Our online training course titles include:

Accident Investigation Online Training
Anti-Bribery Interactive Online Training
Anti-Money Laundering Online Training
Articulated Forklift Truck Operations Online Safety Training
Asbestos Awareness Online Safety Training Course
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Online Training
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Online Training
Driver Safety Online Training
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment
Electrical Safety Online Training
Environmental Awareness Online Training
Equality and Diversity Online Training
Fire Extinguisher Online Safety Training
Fire Safety Online Safety Training
Fire Warden Online Safety Training
First Aid Online Safety Training
Food Hygiene Online Training
Food Hygiene Level 2 Online Training
GDPR and Data Protection Online Training
Health And Safety Induction Online Safety Training
Health And Safety Induction (Factory) Online Training
Higiena żywności (Polish Food Hygiene) Online Training
Home Worker Online Training
Ievads veselības aizsardzībā un drošībā (Latvian Health And Safety Induction)
Information Security Online Training
Lone Working Online Safety Training
Manual Handling Online Safety Training
Office Safety Essentials Online Training
Permit To Work Systems Online Safety Training
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Online Safety Training
Protection Against The Effects Of Noise Online Safety Training
Przepisy BHP – Kurs wprowadzający (Polish Health and Safety Induction)
Risk Assessment Online Safety Training
Safety Hazards Online Training
Sănătate și siguranță inductie (Romanian Health and Safety Induction)
Slips, Trips And Falls Online Safety Training
Stress In The Workplace Online Training
Work At Height Online Safety Training Course

A full list of the health and safety training courses offered by Your Safety Advisor, can be found on the following web page:

Online Safety Training Courses