Safety Services for Designers

Health and Safety Services for Designers

(Architects, Engineers & Surveyors)

CDM Safety Advisor

At Your Safety Advisor Ltd we specialise in providing health and safety assistance to those working in the construction industry and this includes providing professional health and safety services to designers such as those fulfilling the role of the Principal Design or Designer as specified by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM).

So if you fulfill the role of a designer and are looking for help and assistance whilst discharging your statutory duties, then look no further, Your Safety Advisor Ltd have the skills and experience you need and our team have been providing health and safety services to designers across the UK for many years.

Our Principal Consultant is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has worked on many multi-disciplinary projects as both a ‘Designer’ and also as a ‘Safety Professional’ (Planning Supervisor/CDM Coordinator/Client Advisor/CDM Advisor/CDM Consultant/Safety Consultant etc).  His experience includes having worked for several major multi-disciplinary consultancies as a design engineer.  He has also fulfilled the role of the Planning Supervisor and CDM Coordinator under the previous incarnations of the CDM Regulations.

Our expertise and experience therefore enables us to provide support and assistance to Client’s and/or Designers/Principal Designers as defined under the CDM Regulations 2015.

In our role, we work with you to assist your team, as an integral part of your team.  Unlike other consultants, we categorically are not setting out to get appointments from client organisations in competition with yourselves, that is not what we do.  We have a niche market where we work with and assist other professionals, that works well for us and those that we work with.  That way we ensure there is no conflict of interest and no competition concerns.

So if you are working for a client and part of the role includes the Principal Designer’s duties, then this is one example of how we can work with you.  You retain the contact and agreement with the client, but we provide as little or as much assistance to help you discharge your duties.  It could simply be advice and support over the phone; or we could be preparing Design Safety Reviews; Risk Registers; Pre-Construction Information Packs; Contractor Competence Assessments:  Safety Audits; Site Inspections; and assist with the preparation of the Pre-Construction Information Pack and subsequent Health & Safety File at the end of the job. etc etc….

If you want more involvement, we can also attend safety meetings either in person, or via video conferencing.  The service really can be tailored to what you need.

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We can also help ensure that your own Health and Safety Procedures are up to scratch and show your company as a professional safety conscious organisation.

Contact us today to talk through the services that we can provide and how we can help and assist your own organisation to be come more professional and cost effective in the delivery of its own services.  Please also take a look at our Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service, which is the starting point for all clients.