Time for a new Health and Safety Consultant

Is it time to change your Health and Safety Consultant?


  • Do you feel like your existing Health and Safety Consultant does not offer value for money? 
  • Are they charging extortionate fees for multi-year contracts?
  • Do you struggle to get reliable, competent advice and support from them?
  • Do you always get to speak to the same person?
  • Have you actually checked their experience and competence?
  • Do they have “first hand construction experience” at an appropriate level or have they come from a random industry and now claim to be construction experts?
  • If things went wrong, have thy go the depth of knowledge and experience to guide you?
  • Have you checked their CV and experience – the legal duty is on you to check their competence, you cannot just rely on what they tell you!


These are the sorts of concerns we hear from potential clients who are fed-up with the service (or lack of service) being provided by their existing Health and Safety Consultant.  We’re often told that the ‘Big 4’ H&S/HR Consultancies whose names we shouldn’t mention, with their huge teams of sales staff always look great before they’ve signed up, but once on-board the offering suddenly looks very ordinary….. yet they’ve tied you into a multi-year deal!

On the flip side of this, there are also those smaller Health and Safety Advisors who simply never answer their phones, or when they do, you start to question their competence and knowledge of construction.  After all, how much of a construction expert can you be if you’ve previously worked in an office; factory or hotel!

If they’re advising you as a contractor, no matter whether you’re a builder; electrician; carpenter; scaffolder; roofer; groundworker; plasterer; or painter and decorator, it’s important that your Health and Safety Consultant understands what your work involves and how best to apply and manage health and safety within that environment.  Despite what some health and safety advisors may claim, not all safety advisors are sufficiently skilled, experienced or trained to work with and advise those operating in the construction and building industries.  It’s something you need to be aware off and the law clearly states that it’s your responsibility to ensure you have access to ‘Competent’ Health and Safety Advice.

So for a specialist Construction Health and Safety Consultant with no sales team, just honest, hard working, reliable and Competent Chartered Construction Health and Safety Consultants, you need look any further than Your Safety Advisor Ltd.

With Your Safety Advisor Ltd you’ll always talk to the same person, they’ll be ‘your’ Safety Advisor, so you won’t have to start again each time you make contact and the advice provided will be consistent and provided to you by a qualified Safety Advisor, not someone in a ‘call centre’ answering your call and simply reading Health and Safety Legislation or guidance to you off a computer screen.

If you’re in the construction industry and work as a builder, contractor or tradesman, make the wise choice, save money and get competent health and safety advice and support from the company that cares – Your Safety Advisor Ltd, Construction Health and Safety Consultants.

Retained Health and Safety Advisor

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