First Aid Online Training Course

First Aid Online Training Course


Our online Fire Warden training course will help to ensure Fire Wardens understand the role that they have to play and how they can help to maintain a safe workplace.

The primary role of the Fire Warden is to assist in ensuring adequate fire safety procedures are implemented and maintained in place. The Fire Safety Regulatory Order 2005 requires that the employers appointed ‘competent person’ (in this case the Fire Warden) must be provided with suitable and sufficient training. This training course will help to provide the essential knowledge that the Fire Warden needs in order to fulfill their duties and what actions they need to take in the event of a fire to help safeguard their fellow workers.

Our online Fire Warden training course will also help to ensure your staff understand how and when to safely use Fire Extinguishers, as well as understanding the importance of ensuring that the correct fire extinguisher is selected and used.

Online First Aid Training Course

First Aid Training is a life skill that everyone can benefit from, even basic first aid knowledge can help save a life, so why wouldn’t you ensure that everyone in your workplace has some kind of First Aid training.

In the UK alone, over 500,000 workplace accidents happen every year.  These can vary greatly in severity resulting in pain, suffering, loss of life and financial implications. It is therefore important for employers to ensure that the correct levels and type of first aid provision are made available. Employers need to undertake a first aid assessment to help determine the level of provision needed.  The extent of first aid provision will vary according to the level of risk, the size of the organisation and the activities that it undertakes.

The employer and employees need to know exactly what to do in an emergency situation and they need to feel confident that the correct levels of first aid provision have been put in place. This is just one of the reasons why you need to consider our First Aid Training Course for all of your employees.  First Aid Training does save lives.

While our First Aid training course is not a substitute for hands on first aid training, it does provide training on all of the essential requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. The training outlines the employer’s responsibilities as well as providing instruction on basic first aid and life saving techniques.

Our online First Aid Training course clarifies and answers the why, when and how questions about first aid provision, first aid risk assessments, what to do in an emergency and how to call for help. The course applies a sensible risk management approach to assist you in the development of an effective safety management systems based upon the level of risk in your workplace.

Fire Aid Training – Course Content

Our online First Aid training course will help to ensure employees understand the role that they have to play and how they can help to maintain a safe workplace.  The full content of the First Aid training course can be summarised as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Emergency First Aid
  3. Emergency Medical And First Aid Procedures
  4. Primary Survey
  5. Casualty
  6. Basic Vital Signs
  7. Bleeding, Shock, Strains and Sprains
  8. Know How To Get Help
  9. Multiple choice test

Learning outcomes

Upon the completion of this course you will have an understanding of the following:

  • Know what is required to demonstrate statutory compliance with the legislation
  • Have a basic knowledge of first aid at work
  • Employers & employees responsibilities
  • Identify what to do in an emergency

The duration of this course is approximately 30 minutes and no prior knowledge is required.

Upon the successful completion of the course, a Training Certificate will be issued.