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Virtual Safety Advisor – Here when you need us!

Retained Health and Safety Advisor serviceOur Virtual Safety Advisor service is an integral part of our Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service, so if you subscribe to our Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service, that means you automatically have access to our Virtual Safety Advisor service as well!! But its such a great service that we feel we need to shout out about it just a little bit more.

So this page is dedicated to our Virtual Safety Advisor service and will help to explain what it’s all about.

We originally devised the concept of our Virtual Safety Advisor long before the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but as the pandemic spread around the World and started to affect peoples ability to travel around the UK, we found that our Virtual Safety Advisor service provided our clients with rapid and flexible solutions to their needs, so much so, that our Virtual Safety Advisor service is now firmly established as a mainstay of our services and one which is favoured and loved by many of our client.

So…… do you need access to Competent Health and Safety Advice but don’t have the time to meet or sit down to discuss matters face to face?  It may even be that conventional office hours are simply not convenient for you and you need a more flexible solution, such as a Virtual Safety Advisor!  What a great idea….. well yes it actually is, as well as being an extremely simple solution!

Here at Your Safety Advisor Ltd, we are offering just that, our Virtual Safety Advisor, yes that’s right, you can now sign us up as your Virtual Safety Advisor which we believe will not only save you time and money, but will also provide you with a more responsive and far superior level of service when compared with most conventional Safety Consultants!

Retained Health and Safety Advisor CertificateBy signing up to Your Safety Advisor Ltd’s, Virtual Safety Advisor, you will be dealing with a named Chartered Safety Consultant, not a call centre, and we absolutely mean that you will NOT be dealing with a call centre where teams of people simply quote meaningless legislation to you off of a pre-prepared script.  With our Virtual Safety Advisor service you will be allocated a named individual, that individual will become your ‘Virtual Safety Advisor’. You will have contact with the same person each time you call, you will NOT be dealing with a different person each time.  Furthermore, as Construction Safety Specialists, Your Virtual Safety Advisor will also be proficient in Construction Safety and have first hand knowledge of the building and construction industry.

As part of our Virtual Safety Advisor service, you can even talk face to face with your named safety advisor to deal with any pressing or urgent issues, no matter where you are. If you are on site, in a meeting, at home or even on the road, we can contact you and talk face to face with you thanks to the miracles of modern technology.  So when a phone call or email just isn’t enough, we can arrange a video conference call using one of our preferred Video Conferencing apps (Zoom or Webex Meetings) to have a face to face discussion with you and/or a number of your colleagues, no matter where you are!

Our video conferencing apps are simple and very effective, we can even use them to carry out remote site inspections or to view an issue or problem on site.  We can even participate in meeting with you via these apps. No longer will you have to wait until someone is available to make the journey to your offices or site, we could be there with you instantly using simple but effective technology, as part of our Virtual Safety Advisor service.

Virtual safety Advisor Virtual safety Advisor Virtual safety Advisor

All you need is a smart phone, iPad/tablet, laptop or even desktop PC – its easy, we’ll send you a invitation by email, you click on the link, follow the instructions on screen and we’re off, the meeting has started!!  It really is that simple and easy to use.

In addition to this, we have a WhatsApp Business Account, so you can Message, Call or Video Call us using the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone or tablet. Just call or message us on WhatsAPP using our normal landline number 0117 442 0185 yes it will work, trust us!  This can be used for messaging; voice calls and video calls.  So whatever works best, we can be on site with you in the time it takes to send a message.


As part of our Virtual Safety Advisor service we can also carry out a Virtual Safety Inspections of your site using the video conferencing apps, furthermore the entire inspection can be recorded for future reference.  Similarly, if an accident happens, with the aid of modern technology we can be there on site with you immediately, helping to record the facts and establish what may have happened or gone wrong long before vital evidence may have been lost or overlooked.

Our Virtual Safety Advisor service really is the modern solution for every small contractor, builder, tradesman or designers Health and Safety needs.  We are there in your pocket when you need us and together with Safety Box it really is an opportunity not to be missed.

Our Virtual Safety Advisor service will also help you with any third party accreditation’s or assessments that you need to complete, such as SSIP Accreditation’s (CHAS, SMAS, Exor, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine etc….).

In addition to being able to call, email or video conference call your Virtual Safety Advisor, you will also have the following key benefits:

  • Access to a dedicated named Chartered Health and Safety Professional, (Chartered with IOSH). Plus additional qualifications including Chartered Civil Engineer status; Chartered Environmentalist status; and Member of the Association of Project Safety.
  • A copy of your named Safety Advisors corporate CV which can be used when tendering for contracts, completing H&S Questionnaires or completing pre-qualification/SSIP questionnaires such as CHASSafeContractorConstructionLineSMAS etc.
  • Membership certificate to confirm you have appointed Your Safety Advisor Ltd as your competent safety advisors under Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

Safety Box

  • Access to our unique online Safety Box resource.  A unique online Health and Safety resource for all of our retained Health and Safety Advisor Service clients. Safety Box contains a wide range of useful reference documents from the HSE, Your Safety Advisor Information Sheets, Your Safety Advisor Standard Templates and even a selection of 70+ Tool Box Talks, all of which can be accessed and downloaded as and when needed.  The contents of Safety Box are also constantly being expanded!  The great thing about Safety Box is that its built using the robust and reliable Dropbox system, so it can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere!  You don’t even need a Dropbox account, it really is so simple.  Click Here to find out more about Safety Box the totally FREE Health and Safety resource provided exclusively to our Retained Health and Safety Advisor/Virtual Safety Advisor Clients.
  • A review of your existing Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual (if you have one).
  • Access via email or telephone for competent health and safety advice during office hours from your dedicated named Chartered Health and Safety Professional.
  • Updates/details of any relevant changes in Health and Safety legislation.
  • Information on key health and safety news stories.
  • Health and safety information sheets.
  • As a subscriber to our Virtual Safety Advisor service, you can name us as your Competent Health and Safety Advisors.
  • Priority service on consultancy work.
  • Member only discounts.

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Why do I need a Safety Advisor?

First and foremost, because it’s a legal requirement under Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, for every employer to have access to competent health and safety advice relevant their work activities. Whether this health and safety advice is provided through an appropriately qualified and experienced (Competent) internal employee or through an external Health and Safety Consultant such as through our Virtual Safety Advisor service is entirely up to you.

Often the decision is a simple commercial one. First, consider the costs of directly employing a full or part time Health and Safety Professional plus the associated ongoing training, pension and other overhead costs etc. Or even the costs to train up and retain an existing employee, although this process can can take many years to complete as the health and safety training needed for this sort of role is not a case of sending someone on a course for a couple of weeks, the training needed can take years! Then consider this against the small cost of using our Virtual Safety Advisor service which works out at less than £1.00 a day. It soon becomes clear that using us as Your Safety Advisor Ltd makes a lot of business sense!

CDM Construction Phase Plan Template

Specific situations where using our Virtual Safety Advisor can be beneficial:

  • Demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Having access to competent Health and Safety Advice
  • Assistance in gaining a safety accreditation (such as an SSIP Assessment scheme like: CHASSMASExorAltiusSafeContractor etc)
  • Help completing PQQ’s or other Safety Questionnaires
  • Having access to Competent Health and Safety advice and demonstrating your compliance with Health and Safety Law
  • Helping to reduce the day to day health and safety burden on other members of your team
  • Gaining expert knowledge on health and safety requirements and safety management systems
  • Helping to improve and update your existing health and safety arrangements and Health and Safety Policy Documents
  • Helping to protect the health, safety and welfare of your employees and others affected by your works
  • Preparing Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) and other safety documentation

If our Virtual Safety Advisor service is of interest to you, please contact us and we can talk through the service offered by our Chartered Health and Safety Practitioners.

To sign up to our Virtual Safety Advisor Service, please click on the following link which will take you to our Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service page which is the service you need to purchase/subscribe to:

Virtual Safety Advisor / Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service