Manual Handling Assessment

Manual Handling Assessment


Do you need a completed  Manual Handling Assessment, but don’t have the time to do it or know were to start?

Let us help, we can complete your manual handling assessments for you.  We can complete manual handling assessments for any specific tasks or activities that you may need, just purchase this service and we will email you asking for the details needed to complete the manual handling assessment on your behalf. It really is as easy as that, we’ll email you the completed assessments complete with your names and logo’s etc already on the documents.

The completed manual handling assessment will be emailed to you as a PDF document for ease of transmission to your client and others.  The cost displayed is for one Manual Handling Assessment, if you need more, change the quantity in the cart to reflect the number of Manual Handling Assessments needed.

Manual Handling Assessment

Manual HandlingA Manual Handling activity is any activity that requires an individual to lift, push, pull, move or support a load.  Any such activity which therefore involves a person (or persons) moving an object is classified as a manual handling task.  Where there is a risk of injury from such activities, there is a legal requirement to complete a Manual Handling Assessment, this assessment as with all risk assessments, must be recorded in writing where 5 or more people (including directors and labour only sub-contractors) are employed by the company.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 define ‘manual handling’ as “any transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving thereof) by hand or by bodily force”.

Anyone involved in the moving and/or handling of materials and goods could be at risk of a manual handling injury, whilst those working in the building and construction industries are generally far more exposed to manual handling activities than most.  It should also be noted that even handling light loads, repetitively can result injuries occurring.   Bad or poor manual handling techniques are another major cause of injuries, this is why it is important to not only carry out a Manual Handling Assessment, but also to provide Manual Handling Training to all of those involved in Manual Handling Operations.

What does a Manual Handling Risk Assessment include

A manual handling assessment is required for all manual handling tasks that cannot be avoided and where a risk of injury exists.

Online Manual Handling Training

At Your Safety Advisor Ltd, we can prepare your Manual Handling Assessments in accordance with current HSE requirements. Each assessment will consider the Task, Individual, Load and Environment (TILE). When considering the requirements of TILE following will be used in the Manual Handling Risk Assessment:

  1. Task – consider if the activity involves any twisting, stooping, bending, travel, pushing, pulling, sudden movement of the load, team handling or seated work.
  2. Individual – we all have different physical capabilities and strengths and this needs to be taken into account in each manual handling assessment. It is important to look at each individual’s physical capability before carrying out a task. Anyone with a known injury or disability should be individually assessed. Special assessments will be required for young workers and those with impaired vision, reduced grip strength, pregnancy or disability.
  3. Load – consideration needs to be given to whether the load is heavy, large and bulky, difficult to grasp, sharp, hot or cold or if the contents are likely to move when being lifted.
  4. Environment – the final consideration is that of the working environment. Consideration will be given to floor conditions, variations in floor levels, space constraints, poor lighting or ventilation. Also hot or cold environments and wind conditions can all have an impact.

While the above provides a good overview of the considerations needed when undertaking an Assessment, there is no substitute for training and experience and this is where our Manual Handling writing service can help and assist companies just like yours.