CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditation

CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditation


CHAS or the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme is one of the leading Health and Safety Assessment Schemes and is a founding member of the SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement).

At Your Safety Advisor Ltd we help tradesmen, builders and contractors of all sizes, be they a sole trader or a employer with 50+ employees, to gain CHAS Accreditation.  We don’t just email you a package of documents and leave you to sort it out, we work with you as Your safety Advisor, to help ensure that you can comply with the CHAS Assessment standards and demonstrate that you have all of the necessary health and safety policies and procedures; risk assessments; method statements; safety training; and other arrangements in place which are needed to enable you to be come CHAS Accredited.

Furthermore we will guide you on how to use and implement these essential health and safety procedures to help you demonstrate to your CHAS Assessors how you manage your health and safety responsibilities on a day to day basis. Your Safety Advisor Ltd will also remain with you for a fixed period after the completion of your CHAS Assessment as your retained Safety Advisors to help ensure that you have access to ongoing competent health and safety support.

The CHAS SSIP assessment can be complex and involved and many companies find it a burdensome and daunting process that they could simply do without!  Your Safety Advisor Ltd can remove all of the stress associated with making a CHAS Application by effectively completing the assessment and accreditation process on your behalf, whilst acting as “Your” Safety Advisor and therefore ensuring that all of the CHAS health and safety requirements have been addressed.

The cost quoted here for our assistance with includes for Your Safety Advisor Ltd being appointed as your Retained Health and Safety Advisors and for the completion of the online CHAS Health and Safety Questionnaire (5+ Employee, standard CHAS Accreditation).  We have also included for the provision of a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual which will be tailored to your company before being submitted to CHAS as part of your assessment.  You may already have all of the other documentation in place, but if you don’t, we can also help out in this respect as well.

Please call or email us for a quotation.

CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditation

The CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditation or, the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) as it is also known, is a health and safety Pre-Qualification scheme, which has been designed to allow contractors to demonstrate that they meet the minimum health and safety standards of the CHAS Assessment Scheme.  CHAS is also a founding member of SSIP or Safety Schemes in Procurement which is the umbrella organisation that brings together many of the individual Health and Safety Assessment Schemes and aims to deliver a common standard throughout all such assessments.  Well that is at least the theory behind the SSIP, although in practice each of the schemes seems to have its own vested interests and differing assessment standards as they compete for business from you AND your clients!

Even with CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditation, there seems to be an ever growing lists of different and separate assessments available, including:

  • CHAS Standard
  • CHAS Advanced
  • CHAS Elite (incorporating the Common Assessment Standard or CAS)

And even then, it will depend on how many employees (and this includes labour only sub-contractors) you have, ie: less than 5 or 5+.

Plus…. you then have the choice of going for: Full Application; Deem to Satisfy or Assured (On-Site Audit).

So, it really is not difficult to see why many contractors find it so confusing, they are not trying to make it easy for you.  But, fear not, Your Safety Advisor Ltd has years of experience in completing CHAS and other SSIP Safety Accreditation’s and assessments on behalf of our clients.

Despite the above, the CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditation is something that many contractors and tradesmen find is an essential business requirement and without it they are simply overlooked when it comes to tendering for local authorities, the NHS, Housing Associations, Schools/Colleges, Main Contractor and many other client bodies.

At Your Safety Advisor Ltd, we provide a straight talking tailored service to make sure that you can gain your CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditation with the least possible hassle.  So as part of our service, we can guide you on exactly which level of membership is needed, we can then log on and complete the online CHAS Assessment Questionnaire on your behalf.  We will also act as your Retained Health and Safety Advisors (another CHAS requirement!) to provide you with access to competent health and safety advice.  In addition to this, we can also ensure that you have all of the necessary health and safety procedures, management arrangements and Safety Policy’s in place.

What Do CHAS Look at?

CHAS assesses all areas of your health and safety and these are some of the key factors:

All CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditations are assessed in accordance with the CHAS Assessment Standards which can be found by clicking here. although this document may be daunting on first sight, to the professionals at Your Safety Advisor Ltd, its just a list of requirements that we will make sure you have in place before your CHAS Application is submitted for assessment purposes.

Many of our clients simply wouldn’t know where to start start, why would they, after if you were a larger contractor or builder, you’d have an in-house Safety Expert dealing with this for you, so using our service is no different, although than you only pay us for providing this service, rather than having a permanent fixed wage to pay!

What are the Benefits of Being CHAS/SSIP Accredited?

The benefits of being CHAS SSIP Safety accredited for contractors and tradesmen include:

  • A nationally recognised Safety Accreditation
  • SSIP Membership
  • Access to tender lists
  • Increased company status
  • Potential to grow your business
  • The establishment of Safety Systems for your company
  • Simplification of future Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ’s)
  • Demonstration of compliance with Health and Safety Requirements

However, for many businesses, particularly smaller companies and sole traders, the prospect of completing a CHAS application can be a daunting, confusing and time-consuming prospect.  And where larger companies have the advantage of a team of in-house Safety Advisors to do this sort of work for them, this is not an economically viable solution for smaller companies and therefore our retained Health and Safety Advisor Service helps to level the playing field, by enabling small companies and sole traders to have access to competent health and safety advice for a low monthly or annual fee.

Additionally as a Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service customer, our Safety Consultants can help to complete your CHAS SSIP Accreditation at a low fixed cost, enabling you to become CHAS Accredited quickly and simply.

We offer a fixed cost and our CHAS Accreditation service includes:

  • Full unlimited support throughout the assessment process until your application has been approved
  • Provision of our Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service for 12 months
  • A brand new comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual for your company
  • Completion of the online CHAS Health & Safety Questionnaire
  • Completion of the online CHAS Environmental Questionnaire
  • Completion of the various Supplementary Questionnaires
  • Uploading of  your supporting information and evidence to the CHAS Portal
  • We will help you to create all the documents and supporting evidence required, which will typically include:
    • Risk Assessments
    • Method Statements
    • CoSHH Assessments
    • CDM Construction Phase Plans
    • Sub-Contractor Competence Assessments (PQQ’s)
    • Toolbox Talks
    • Equality Policy
    • GDPR and Data Protection Policy
    • Recruitment Policy
    • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
    • Cyber Security Policy
    • Drug and Alcohol Policy
    • Modern Slavery Policy
    • Right to Work Arrangements
    • Illegal Workers Policy
    • Harassment and Bullying Policy
    • CE and UKCA Policy
    • Health and Safety Training
    • Etc etc………

Unlike some other organisations providing a similar service, all CHAS applications are completed by Your Safety Advisor Ltd using our own Chartered Health and Safety experts with ongoing safety support throughout the process.  We do not use administrators/clerical staff or lowly qualified safety staff to carry out this work.

So if you need to get a CHAS SSIP Safety Accreditation, contact Your Safety Advisor Ltd today, you’ll speak to a real Safety Advisor, someone who has real life construction experience as well as Health and Safety experience.  At Your Safety Advisor Ltd, you wont be calling a faceless call centre or speak to a salesman at the front desk, from the first call on, you’ll deal with a professional Construction Safety Advisor.  Don’t settle for less, call or email us today!
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