New Year, New Safety Advisor, Your Safety Advisor!
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New Year, New Safety Advisor, Your Safety Advisor!

Your Safety Advisor Ltd wishes you a Happy New Year and as most of you will be heading back to work this week after the extended Christmas and New Year break, we hope that that you are returning renewed and revitalised with a refreshed and energised start to not only a new year but a new decade too.  Facebook is full of the 10 year apart pics which I have to say I have stayed well clear of, after all, I did have some hair, albeit not a lot even then!  Maybe you’ve got a mental list of the dreaded New Year resolutions. Whether we like to shout about them or not, many of us will have great intentions but if you are anything like me, I start off with great gusto and more often than not gradually slide back into the same ol’ same ol’ usually long before the last mince pie has even been scoffed.

So, by its very nature a new year brings about the ideal time for a spot of change and how about a new approach to your health and safety responsibilities?

We at Your Safety Advisor are here to show you that this needn’t be a drag on your time, resources or cause you any almighty headache.  Let us take care of your Health and Safety Responsibilities for you.

We have over 25 years’ experience of working in the Construction Industry, assisting and relieving the burden of health and safety to small businesses and self employed tradesmen just like you.  We specialise in putting you first. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring our clients satisfaction with our service.  We pride ourselves on prompt communication.  Many of our clients need answers and solutions to their queries asap. We understand the frustration it causes waiting for a response…after all, time is money.

And lets not forget the legal and commercial reasons for giving proper consideration to Health and Safety.  For example the law states that you need to have access to competent Health and Safety Advice – well that’s exactly what we do, check out our Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service and have peace of mind for less than £1 a day!  Or get your very own health and safety policy and procedures manual written specifically for your company for just £145.00.

So that’s some of the legal stuff addressed, but what about the commercial side, well addressing the legal requirements by having access to competent health and safety advice and a documented safety management system, means you’re already on the right course to get yourself on new tender lists and get approval from new clients.   So good health and safety, really does make good business sense!

Therefore throughout January, we are offering discounts and deals to grab your attention.  We would very much like the opportunity to become Your Safety Advisor.

If you have a quotation from your existing Safety Advisors/Suppliers, show it to us and let us show you how much we can save you, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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