Online Health and Safety Training Courses
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Online Health and Safety Training Courses

Let’s face it, we’re all busy and busy people rarely want to take time out of their (busy) days to take a training course that could go on for hours and is likely to resemble watching paint dry.  With our online health and safety training courses from, learn right at your desk if you have one, from the comfort of your site office, during a working lunch or tea break, or even at home sat on the sofa – whatever suits you, whenever you want to and from wherever you want to.  Our Online Health and Safety Training Courses are ideal for busy builders, tradesmen and other contractors across the UK.  And furthermore, you have a legal duty to ensure you and/or your employees are provided with all necessary health and safety training to help keep safe during the course of your work.

Our online safety courses are also ideal to help demonstrate your competence to main contractors, CHAS Assessors, ConstructionLine, Safecontractor, SMAS, Exor and many others!

When you take one of your’s online health and safety training courses, you go at your own speed.  Do it on your phone if you want, it’s that flexible! It can cope! If you get to a certain point and don’t fully understand the material, you can go back and take a second or even third look.  Read it again and again if you want to!

Or on the other hand, if everything makes perfect sense and is easy peasy, you can go straight through the entire course right to the end test. Clever clogs! Either way, it’s totally up to you, making the entire process stress-free and user-friendly.  We host an entire range of Construction based courses to get you up to speed and ready for site at the touch of a button.

As Sir Frances Bacon said back in 1597 “Knowledge is power!” and all these years later, it continues to ring true! Get started for only £15, yes thats right, our courses only cost £15 each, so if you need asbestos awareness training, manual handling training or work at height training, its only £15 a course, so check out the comprehensive range of online health and safety training courses on offer and get building your skills portfolio.

Click here to view our full range of online safety training courses.

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