Lone Working Safety Training Course

Lone Working Safety Training Course


CPD Certified and RoSPA Assured online Lone Workers Safety Training is an essential online training course for all persons required to work remotely or on their own.  There are various health and safety issues associated with lone working and this online training course will help make you aware of the hazards associated with Lone Working and the precautions that should be put in place to help manage the risks to ensure the safety of those undertaking lone working.  Online training is quick, efficient and allows you to be trained without any loss of time away from work.

Lone Working Safety Training Course

Retained Health and Safety Advisor serviceLone working generates a whole range of additional hazards over and above those created by the work they are required to carry out and as such our Lone Working Safety Training course is an essential training course for all employees who are expected to undertake lone working activities.  Lone working can occur in most industries, but the risks are further amplified when you are undertaking already hazardous activities such as for example working at height; or work with power tools or electricity.  In these instances the consequences of something going wrong are all far more serious.  Imagine being knocked unconscious, with no one else present, you could remain without help for hours before anyone discovers what has happened to you.

Similarly dealing with aggressive members of the public or contractors as a lone worker puts you at a greater degree of risk than those working in teams.

It is therefore essential that any employer using lone workers has the correct procedures in place to comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all staff whilst at work.  Employers also have a legal obligation to ‘Risk Assess’ the works being undertaken and to ensure that ALL employees are provided with the appropriate training needed to safely undertake their work.

This means that any risks and hazards associated with the task or lone working must be assessed as part of the work and the necessary control measures put in place to help protect the employee. This could include supervision, training, PPE, instruction or procedural controls. In addition all employers must also check to make sure that the control measures are being implemented and that the risk assessment remains valid and is regularly reviewed.

Our CPD Certified and RoSPA Assured Lone Working Safety training course will therefore help to provide the knowledge that lone workers need to help keep themselves safe, helping them to make the right decisions in potentially hazardous situations.

Lone Working Safety Training – course content

Our online Lone Working safety training course will help to ensure all employees understand the risks and hazards associated with working alone and how they can help to keep themselves safe.  The full content of the Lone Working safety training course can be summarised as follows:

  • Introduction to lone working
  • Lone working and the law
  • Potential risks
  • Dealing with aggression and violence
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Breakaway techniques
  • Multiple choice questions

Learning outcomes

Upon the completion of this course you will have an understanding of the following:

  • Give employees the understanding of what lone working is
  • Provide an awareness of the law regarding lone working
  • Inform on how to deal with aggression and conflict management
  • An overview of how to reduce the risks when working alone

The duration of this course is approximately 30 minutes and no prior knowledge is required.

Upon the successful completion of the Lone Working course, a Training Certificate will be generated which can be instantly downloaded from the users training account.

Make sure you also provide other relevant training your employees need, such as Risk Assessment Training; Manual Handling Training; Work at Height Training etc…..