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Safety Box

Safety Box from Your Safety Advisor Ltd is a unique online health and safety resource that has been set up specifically for the benefit of all of our retained Health and Safety Advisor Service clients. Safety Box contains a wide range of useful reference documents from the HSE and other industry leading bodies, as well as useful information sheets, standard templates and even a selection of over 70 No. Tool Box Talks.

All of the documents with Safety Box can be accessed and downloaded as and when needed and the great part is, you can do this from wherever you are, using your Laptop; Tablet or even Mobile Phone.  The contents of Safety Box  will grow and be added to over time as we develop additional templates and add extra information and publications.

Safety Box is only available from Your Safety Advisor Ltd, it is a unique online resource which we have developed specifically for our clients.  To gain access to this unique and growing online Health and Safety resource you need to sign up to our Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service.

Don’t miss out, sign up today and have the dual benefits of Your Safety Advisor Ltd as your Competent Health and Safety Advisor and access to one of the most useful collections of health and safety templates and documents available for those working in the Construction and Building sectors.

Scroll down the page to find out more, or to gain access to Safety Box use the following link to sign up to our Retained Health and Safety Advisor Service:

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Safety Induction Register


Our Free Safety Induction Register can be used to establish a formal record of who has been provided with a Safety Induction.  Safety Inductions should be delivered to all new starters and when starting work on a new site/project.  Safety Inductions are an essential element of your Health and Safety Arrangements and should always be provided on the first day of work so that all persons on site are aware of the safety hazards, safety rules and safety arrangements which have been put into place for the benefit of all persons on site.