Risk Assessment and Method Statement – RAMS
Health and Safety Method Statement

Risk Assessment and Method Statement – RAMS

RAMS – Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Under UK Health and Safety Law, all businesses are required to carry out a Risk Assessment of all of their operations which present a significant risk or hazard to those undertaking the works, or others affected by the works.

Furthermore, where the company employs five or more people (including labour only sub-contractors), the company is legally required to document its risk assessments.

Within the Construction and Building industries, risk assessments re usually completed as an integral part of your RAMS.


What Are RAMS?

The term RAMS is simply an acronym for Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

Risk Assessment – A risk assessment is a document that is used to identify the potential hazards and assesses the risk of those hazards being realised, given the existing and any additional proposed control measures that may be put in place to help eliminate or manage the hazard.

Method Statement – A method statement is a documented ‘Safe System of Work’ (this is the legal term for a method statement), which outlines how the proposed works will be carried out and managed to help ensure the works are carried out safely.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) should always be read together and complement one another and they are widely used within the building and construction industries to help others understand the works being carried out and the residual risks that may be present. It is fairly common practice for client; developers; principal contractors and main contractors to request a copy of your RAMS before you even arrive on site, this is to enable them to review your working proposals/arrangements and ensure that neither your works, or other works being undertaken on the site present a risk to yourselves or others.  It is ultimately the Principal Contractors responsibility to review and coordinate all aspects of Health and Safety on the site which is under his control.

Therefore, if your RAMS are not sufficiently detailed or specific to the site and works being carried out, the Principal Contractor is well within his rights to reject your RAMS and ask for new/updated ones before allowing you on site.

RAMS can also help to ensure that the right people, with the right skills and training are allocated to the project and undertake the required works in a safe and controlled manner and that those managing the construction works are also fully aware of how the works should be carried out.  This ultimately helps to ensure that accidents and incidents can be avoided.


Do You Need Help With Your Risk Assessments and Method Statements?

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